Modern Vs Traditional Styles

Today I just have to tell someone about a new freelance job that is so fabulous. I can’t wait to execute it. Few jobs are this much fun. I have been requested to create different images of women washing dishes for an advertising layout to sell faucets. One will feature a fifties style wife in a traditional kitchen. The other will be in modern times with an ultra-sleek look. I love these kinds of contrasts. I can have fun with the research and amuse myself by imaging the appliances, fixtures and all the assorted décor items—all characteristic of their respective eras. The housewife is wearing a shirt-waist dress and heels, and sports a hairdo obviously created with rollers. Even at home she wears makeup and lipstick in case hubby arrives early. The kitchen faucet is plain as day, whether you have a modern or a traditional kitchen, at least based on what I found here: There are two handles for hot and cold and no water filter in sight. It looks functional but ordinary. It suits the white porcelain sink and simple wood cabinets.

By contrast, the modern kitchen is white and gray with black appliances and a matching metallic two-tone backsplash. The cabinets are custom and the epitome of machine craftsmanship. The countertops are granite, not grouted tile. The woman is in leggings, wearing a cotton tee-shirt tunic and flipflops, her hair is pulled up into an untidy pony tail with stray hairs sticking out. She doesn’t care when her partner arrives. Everything is state of the art and digital. The faucet, shaped like a chic metal tool is “no touch” and features a special hot water feature. The filter is built in. Only the best design is popular in these times. Now, if you don’t have a farm sink, it is certainly stainless. I must mention that a modern kitchen can also be retro which puts the whole comparative issue into another dimension. Let’s say for now that she can work the stove with her laptop or cell phone. That says a lot.

To make the contrast more dramatic, I am playing with different styles of graphic design. I will give the fifties home a hand-drawn look and the modern one will be strictly computer-generated in appearance. It makes the point perfectly. I don’t often get to work with diverse approaches in one project, so it is a definite challenge. The final result will be spectacular and I can’t wait for it to be shared on Facebook. In the fifties, life was simpler and no frills, and so is my design technique. Now it is all about a fine high-res finish with every pixel possible. In the modern kitchen, every detail is spot on. The analogy is perfect.

I have never paid attention to faucet styles before and now that I am tuned in, I am thinking of replacing my old ones—kitchen and both baths. The new designs add a lot to one’s interior décor and lend a richness and elegance. No wonder people are buying these gorgeous fixtures at every price point.

Big Deadline Coming

I love my work: it is fun, challenging, and creative. I found my heart in graphic design many years ago and have enjoyed perfecting my craft ever since. I have taken side roads to indulge in manga and other art forms that strike my fancy. This has made me more versatile and able to meet various client needs. My artistic influences are thus quite varied but I strive to create original work each and every time. I am proud of where I have been and where my journey has taken me.

I have been working on a huge graphic design project for a favorite client and the deadline is fast approaching. I am in a state of stress and haven’t left the computer for hours. Sitting still this long is bad for you, but there is no time to take and break and do a few quick exercises or go for a walk. They say that a sedentary lifestyle shortens your lifespan, but I don’t plan to be transfixed at the screen too much longer. The deadline is looming and I will be finished soon. Then there is time to relax.

There are many ways to get away from it all. I mentioned exercise and walking. As long as you are moving, you are reviving your spirit. While this works well for me most of the time, the stress level was strong and a friend suggested a professional massage to get my circulation going and the endorphins coming in droves. It was worth a shot. It has been a long time between massages and I had forgotten how wonderful they are. Why did I wait? I am now a devotee for sure.

I can praise massages to the sky to help with sitting fatigue. I got the idea from Higher Massage. Your back and neck get stiff and your legs feel like lead weights. I don’t even know if I breathe that deeply while I work intently. The massage was full body and didn’t miss any part of me. Vigorous yet gentle hands penetrate tired and taut muscle tissue and bring it back to life. You can choose the type you prefer from Rolfing and Swedish to Lymphatic and Thai. Each has a different philosophy behind it and specific procedures and goals. There is pressure, strokes, kneading, and stretching involved. I like them all and a real convert at this point.

A massage is wonderful therapy for a tired brain as well. There is definitely a mind-body connection to consider. Any time of routine work can be alleviated. It is all about friction and stimulation. Deep tissue approaches are great for athletes and severe cases of body fatigue. They say that massage affects mood, muscle strength, and flexibility while it releases tension. Reflexology is a technique that is done on the feet to target specific body organs. I never knew such a range existed. I can see that you could spend a lot of time researching massage, its types and benefits.