What Makes You Unique?

Do different personalities require or prefer different alarm clocks. Most certainly, in my opinion. Although not a burning issue for most, I was recently asked this question by my roommate who is contemplating replacing her old one. She thought they were all alike and I set her straight about the various models. Nowadays, they do more than buzz at the selected hour or turn on the radio to a blaring level. They also radiate morning light according to your taste. They don’t have to blare odd noises. In addition to ambient lighting, they also can generate soothing sounds such as waves breaking at the shore or the wind whistling through the trees. Thus, they do double duty as sleep aids and wakeup alarms. I told my roommate to browse on line and see the many choices on offer. It is actually fun to select one as they have become rather sophisticated.

As for personalities, I haven’t done any scientific studies of course nor have I read any, just a blog post on Be Right Light that talked about it. Like them, I am going on the basis of common sense and experience. As an artist, I have worked with many types of people and they are all unique. I imagine that their personalities spill over into food and beverage preferences as well as a fondness for a certain kind of art and décor. Why not appliances, too, such as an alarm clock. An intuitive might appreciate the colored lights that can wake up the sleepyhead. The sensing type might like to fiddle with the buttons and program their clock. An emotional or feeling type would love to rise to the sounds of gentle music. I could go on and on. This is why companies make different models to suit the needs of a given personality. I wonder what my roommate will select. I am betting on a wake-up alarm with colored sunlight simulation. It is their most popular model. It will surely appeal to her artistic nature, as it does to mine. It is “clinically proven to work,” whatever that means. I suppose it has been tested in sleep labs and the manufacturer guarantees that you will rise on time and not miss work or an appointment.

Colored sunlight simulation is a great innovation in the alarm clock field. It wakes the sleeper gradually with natural light and a choice of five sounds. It is a rather nice way to greet the day. I hate being jolted by noise as I tend to be in a deep sleep, probably dreaming, in the early morning. My personality demands a gentle reminder. How about you? Do you love an automatic radio and a “tap to snooze” alarm? Go for the affordable Phillips. I am not trying to sell products, but to keep you informed. That’s what a good blog is all about. You share information and find out new stuff. Sometimes I will write about art, but today necessity demands that I think about alarm clocks.