Designing a logo, in a word, is way harder than it looks. I know that logos look really easy and you look at a logo and you think that anyone can do that, but there’s a reason why just ‘anyone’ doesn’t do that. You don’t see all of the work that went into creating the logo in the first place, and that is one of the biggest and hardest things that’s out there when it comes to the design of logos.

Logos don’t have a lot of obvious information, and that’s one reason why it looks like it’s really easy to come up with them. The thing is, they actually do have a lot of information in them. It just doesn’t look like it at first. Logos that have cute images can say a lot of things about the product at once, like the famous Hello Kitty image.

The lack of mouth makes the character look more submissive and cuter at the same time. The wide, round eyes make the character childlike. The character’s clothing adds to the childlike impression. People don’t know anything about Hello Kitty and yet they know everything about her and what the artists intended for her character right away at the same time.

Lots of the other logos that people are going to design are like that. You have these images that have to strike the right impression with people right away, or it just isn’t going to work and you’re not going to get the message across. You can’t use words. You have to fit your thousand words into this one picture.

Pictures aren’t always worth a thousand words. I could take a picture of a table, and it really would only be worth the following word: ‘table.’ You have to make the pictures that are actually going to be worth a thousand words, a thousand dollars, or just about anything else that is actually large enough in number to make it work. Creating a picture like that or an image that manages to dramatize a certain sentiment is difficult. However, logo artists do it all the time. We just have to think about the emotional effect of an image. We can’t resort to narrative in order to bring it alive.